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Star Marine Construction as a construction company has been operating since mid-2016 providing complex solutions for assembly steel / aluminum elements or their assemblies in the form of posts, beams, door and window joinery elements, gates, steel roof elements, as well as steel / aluminum elements or assemblies to be installed in land structures (eg bridges) and marine (eg ships, platforms) structures of industrial halls, tanks, platforms, supporting structures for industrial equipment, steel structures of poles, towers and masts, sheds, footbridges, solar collectors, advertising, curtain walls and coverings.

We take responsibility for the correct assembly, protection and maintenance of the constructions made and the proper operation of the tools and devices. Our specialists measure, trim, weld, screw, suspend, weld, weld and seal structural elements. We maintain technological principles, adhere to quality standards and evaluate the work done.

For our demanding customers we can provide qualified specialists of all types of welding: steel, aluminum, stainless steel with the T.I.G and M.I.G system as well as welders approved by European standards 111 121 131 136 141 (aluminum, stainless steel, steel).

Most of orders were executed in Germany, France, England, Belgium, Denmark and Netherlands in range of electrical, hydraulic and general construction works. Until today, Star Marine Construction has successfully completed multiple projects in all Europe

375 Projects
257 Completed projects
353 Happy clients

Where we are

    Frankfurt, Germany:

    One of the biggest (longest) holiday complex in the world. The bilding process was started in 1939. Forgotten for many years, in 2000 building companyees started to rebuild segments to hotel complex. Since October 2016 Star Marine was a part of refreshing and rebuilding team untill Agust 2017 when part of project was done.

    All range of electrical works:

    • routing
    • drilling
    • fissuring
    • cables instaling
    • fuse box instaling
    • instalation checking

    All range of hydraulick works:

    • routing
    • drilling
    • putting pipes
    • instalation checking
    Odense, Denmark:

    Full range of industrial pipe insulation in Copenhagen waste incineration plant since April 2017. Project was made by 5 insulation fitters of Star Marine for ISO3 company.

    Roodeschool, Netherlands:

    Permanent cooperation with Belgium company VDS BVBA from Gent in range of basic construction works. Demolitions, roof constructions, fundaments, painting and general finishing works of houses and flats for VDS costumers. All works are made by 8 workers of Star Marine since January 2017.

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