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Star Marine means years of experience due to the fact that holding company was established in 2013. Its main core is Star Marine Sea Service and Star Marine Construction along with cooperating Star Marine Steel Construction and supporting Star Marine Human Resources and Accounting.

For this moment we have leading projects in shipbuilding and development of buildings industry. The main subject of our activity are the construction and repairs of ships or other offshore or land constructions as well as general buildings construction projects.

Star Marine Construction operates in the field of renovation and construction and performs general construction and specialist works in the area of civil engineering and civil engineering works, which consist in construction (ie construction of a building in a specific place, reconstruction, extension and superstructure of a building) and includes works consisting of reconstruction, renovation, dismantling or assembly of a building, including assembly of prefabricated structures and structures of a permanent or temporary nature. Works can be carried out on own account or under a contract.

We help and advise in the preparation of offers, regulations related to the contract, implementation of outsourcing projects, we supervise the construction in all European locations.

We are in constant contact with our clients and provide technical and organisational supervision enabling constant and fast monitoring of work. Thanks to training and experience, our services are recognised by renowned technical supervision institutions. In demanding cases, we conduct additional training of our employees due to the specificity of the given project and contract.

375 Projects
357 Completed projects
153 Happy clients

Where we are

    Prora, Germany:

    One of the biggest (longest) holiday complex in the world. The bilding process was started in 1939. Forgotten for many years, in 2000 building companyees started to rebuild segments to hotel complex. Since October 2016 Star Marine was a part of refreshing and rebuilding team untill Agust 2017 when part of project was done.

    All range of electrical works:

    • routing
    • drilling
    • fissuring
    • cables instaling
    • fuse box instaling
    • instalation checking

    All range of hydraulick works:

    • routing
    • drilling
    • putting pipes
    • instalation checking
    Berlin, Germany:

    Over 250 flats in one living complex in the middle of Berlin on Haupstrasse. Big part of all electrical works was made by Star Marine in 2017. Range of electrical works was the same like below on Prora in Germany. Project was made by 10 electrical workers of Star Marine for DARBUD company.

    Bydgoszcz, Poland:

    Big range of industrial pipes insulation made in newest waste incinertion plant in Bydgoszcz (Poland). Project was made by 10 insulation fitters of Star Marine for TERMIKA.

    Copenhagen, Denmark:

    Full range of industrial pipe insulation in Copenhagen waste incineration plant since April 2017. Project was made by 5 insulation fitters of Star Marine for ISO3 company.

    Paris, France:

    Full range of assembly of furniture and carpentry work in a newly built nursery in the center of Paris. Project was made by 10 carpenters of Star Marine for FAMOS company.

    Gent, Belgium:

    Permanent cooperation with Belgium company VDS BVBA from Gent in range of basic construction works. Demolitions, roof constructions, fundaments, painting and general finishing works of houses and flats for VDS costumers. All works are made by 8 workers of Star Marine since January 2017.

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